Steel Sheet Metal Screw, Phillips Drive, Type AB, 1/4"-14 x 4" Length (10)

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  • Steel Sheet Metal Screw, Zinc Plated Finish, 82 degrees Flat Head, Phillips Drive, Type AB, 1/4"-14 Thread Size, 4" Length (Pack of 10)
  • Type AB point has a conical tip and fine spaced threads that are suitable for forming threads in thin metals between 0.015" and 0.050" thick and resin impregnated plywood
  • Steel is often used in applications where strength is the primary consideration, and the zinc plating resists corrosion and has a reflective appearance
  • Flat head has an 82-degree cone shape for use in countersunk holes and a flat top that fits flush with the mated surface
  • Phillips drive has an x-shaped slot that accepts a Phillips driver and is designed to prevent over-tightening