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So Yeye Audio CD

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Simbi is a nine-piece orchestra, the only of its kind singing in Creole and playing Vodou Beat. Footprint Records are very proud to be able to release So Yèyè, Simbis fourth album. Simbi create soulful dance music: modern, unique and inspired by the Haitian roots music (mizik rasinn) the band learned on location in Port-au-Prince and in the Haitian countryside. Simbis music is a declaration of love for this culture and its influences come from West African pop, afro funk, jazz and Caribbean dance music. In 2012, the band invited the singer and composer Zanba Zao from Port-au-Prince to Sweden for a musical collaboration. The result was numerous well-received concerts throughout the country. Zao is prominent figure and a pioneer within Haitian roots music and the collaboration with Simbi is characterized by a loving musical meeting founded on mutual respect. The repertoire consists of Zaos songs, songs by Simbi and traditional Haitian songs as captured on this CD. In Haiti, Simbi is known as the blue-eyed Haitians. The band is long established. It has toured extensively and played small and large venues as well as at schools, clubs and festivals in Sweden, Haiti, Benin, the USA, France and Canada. Simbi has previously released three well-received albums: Vodou Beat (93), Kreol (96) and Kalalou (03). So Yèyè is a must-have for all lovers of roots music.