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Hamilton 5/8-Inch Large Dog Head Harness

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Size:5/8" x 25-60 lbs. | Color:Black Hamilton Walk With Me Dog Head Harness safely and comfortably takes the pull out of walks for those with enthusiastic or energetic companions. Walking is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and should be a bonding experience between pet and owner. The Hamilton Walk With Me Head Harness allows pet owners to gently guide their dog while prohibiting unwanted or dangerous pulling and lunging. The result in most cases is a calmer, more focused companion that can be safely led by even a child.

  • 100-Percent premium nylon construction
  • Adjusts from 12-inch to 18-inch suitable for breeds such as Spaniels, dalmatians, large terriers and pointers
  • Controls aggressive behavior in stressful situations, such as in crowds or vet visits
  • Completely humane - no choking
  • Unconditionally guaranteed